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Bags, timeless accessories in the world of fashion, hold a special place in Luxembourg’s style scene. In the heart of Luxembourg City, luxurious boutiques and local designers offer an array of exquisite bags, ranging from classic totes and elegant clutches to sophisticated crossbody styles. These bags not only serve as practical necessities but also as stylish statements, complementing the cosmopolitan flair of Luxembourgish fashion. Whether navigating the bustling streets of the capital or attending chic events in Kirchberg, Luxembourg’s discerning clientele values bags for their impeccable craftsmanship and enduring elegance. This commitment to quality and timeless design ensures that bags remain an essential and cherished accessory in Luxembourg.

  • Eco-friendly backpack Ame Black - EkomfortPractical backpack Ame Black - Ekomfort
    124.95 106.79 HT
  • Red vegan backpack OSLO front view -EkomfortBackpack laptop waterproof red OSLO side view -Ekomfort.
    79.95 68.33 HT
  • Rectangular handbag Saya Beige - EkomfortRectangular shoulder bag Saya Beige - Ekomfort
    144.95 123.89 HT
  • Medium-sized vegan leather handbag Nori Black - Ekomfort, frontal view.Women's medium vegan leather handbag Nori Black Side view -Ekomfort
    119.90 102.48 HT
  • Vegan bag Canu Apple Leather BagCanu_Black - Letzshop.Canu Apple Leather vegan women's belt bag - Letzshop.
    174.99 149.56 HT
  • 129.90 111.03 HT
  • 154.95 132.44 HT

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