Non-slip vegan leather women’s shoe Helen Black by Nae: Comfort and Elegance in Service of the Planet


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Are you dreaming of shoes that perfectly combine style, comfort, and environmental consciousness? Looking for a versatile pair to accompany your active lifestyle without compromising comfort or durability?

Experience the Helen Black experience, the Eco-friendly Derby shoe for women, combining discretion, exceptional comfort, and environmentally friendly materials.

Treat yourself to the Helen Black shoes, and:

  • Appreciate the comfort of a lightweight and water-resistant model, made from vegan nubuck, which perfectly combines style and durability to accompany you every day.
  • Feel the difference of an EVA rubber insole, which offers unparalleled comfort, and a non-slip outer sole, ensuring your safety during your movements.
  • Display your commitment to a sustainable future with an environmentally friendly and cruelty-free casual black shoe.

Pain-free, odor-free, with no compromises on eco-responsibility…

At the price of a pair of ordinary shoes, make the choice of ethical commitment without sacrificing quality.

So, are you ready to walk with confidence, style and awareness? Les Helen Black are achieving great success and stocks are dwindling rapidly. Do not miss this opportunity!

💦 Water-resistant: Protect your feet from moisture.

🌬️ Breathable: Promote good air circulation for fresh and dry feet.

🌡️ Antimicrobial and Hypoallergenic: Maintain optimal hygiene and minimize allergic reactions.

💚 Safe for Health: Use materials that are safe for your health.

💼 Nobuck Microfiber Upper: Stylish and durable look.

🎗️ Eco-Responsible Laces: Made from vegan waxed cotton and recycled polyester.🛡️ Comfortable and Durable Lining: 90% microfiber and 10% PU.

👟 Moisture-Wicking Cushioned Insole: Provides good cushioning and protection against moisture.👣 TR Rubber Outsole: Non-slip profile for optimal grip and durability.

🇵🇹 Carefully Made in Portugal: Use of eco-responsible materials and processes, in a fair working environment.

1. Clean the shoes with a cloth soaked in soapy water.

2. Use a soft shoe brush soaked in soapy water for tough stains, gently rubbing in a circular motion.

3. Remove the soap with a damp cloth.

4. Let them air dry for 24 hours, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight.Caution:

• Do not use cleaning cream.

• Do not put your shoes in the washing machine.

• Do not immerse them in water, as this could cause irreversible damage.Product Lifespan:When your vegan shoes have reached their lifespan or you no longer need them, consider giving them a second life. Repurpose them for yourself or give them to someone else.

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Ecological, Ethical, Vegan

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