Megan Black de Nae: Derby Shoes for Women, made of black apple leather. Responsible and Trendy Elegance.


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Do you aspire to timeless black shoes for women that also respect our environment? Are you attracted to innovations that honor nature?

Embrace the future of eco-responsible fashion with Megan Black: a casual derby designed with apple leather, combining style and ethics with every step.

Crack for Megan Black, the new women’s heeled brogues:

  • Enjoy the authentic elegance of this derby, with a chunky sole and a clean line that will stylishly enhance all your outfits, from the most casual to the most sophisticated.
  • Experience the comfort and lightness of a shoe designed in Apple Leather, a revolutionary material produced from apple juice manufacturing residues.
  • Actively participate in the sustainable fashion revolution by choosing a 100% vegan shoe, designed with an eco-conscious mindset and without any cruelty.

Say goodbye to the inconveniences associated with traditional leather, no longer compromise on your style, and live in harmony with your environmental values…

Consider the acquisition of Megan Black not only as an investment in a pair of shoes, but also as your commitment to a more sustainable and respectful world.

So, are you ready to walk towards a more conscious and elegant fashion with Megan Black? Act quickly, these vegan shoes are in high demand and stocks are depleting rapidly.

👟 Comfort and Style: A model that is both comfortable and attractive, suitable for all occasions.

🌱 Hypoallergenic Materials: Made without toxic substances for the environment.

🌬️ Breathable and Antibacterial: To prevent excessive sweating and bad odors.

💧 Water-resistant: To keep feet dry.

🍏 Eco-friendly Material: Made from apple juice residue fibers.

👖 Lace-up Closure: For a secure fit.

🦶 Extra Comfort: Cushioned EVA rubber insole with OnSteam vegan leather lining.

🔝 Non-slip Outsole: For optimal grip.

🇵🇹 Made in Portugal: In a fair working environment, using eco-responsible materials.

1. Reinigen Sie die Schuhe mit einem in Seifenwasser getränkten Tuch.
2. Lassen Sie die Schuhe an der Luft trocknen, bevor Sie eine Reinigungscreme auftragen.
3. Verwenden Sie eine weiche Bürste oder ein trockenes Tuch, um eine kleine Menge Reinigungscreme auf Ihre Schuhe aufzutragen.
4. Reiben Sie sanft in kreisenden Bewegungen, bis die Creme vollständig eingezogen ist.
5. Lassen Sie die Schuhe 24 Stunden lang an der Luft trocknen, ohne sie direkter Sonneneinstrahlung auszusetzen.

• Geben Sie Ihre Schuhe nicht in die Waschmaschine.
• Tauchen Sie sie nicht in Wasser ein, da dies zu irreparablen Schäden führen könnte.

Wenn Ihre veganen Schuhe das Ende ihrer Lebensdauer erreicht haben oder Sie sie nicht mehr benötigen, erwägen Sie, ihnen ein zweites Leben zu geben. Verwenden Sie sie auf eine andere Weise selbst oder geben Sie sie jemand anderem.

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Appel leather




Casual attire


Ecological, Ethical, Vegan

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